Common Courtesy

Dear society,

I’m that girl who opened that door for you. Yes, I noticed how you were striding toward the door and, yes, I noticed that you going to open that door. So, like the person I was raised to be, I jogged forward – yes, I ran for you – and I swept open the door (push or pull, it doesn’t matter) and smiled a hello at you.


You’re that person who walked through the door without thanking me. You didn’t smile or even glance in my direction. I get it, maybe if you were in a rush because one of your family members was in the hospital. That, I get. But when you have no reason – absolutely no reason – that I don’t get.

It took me ten seconds to open that door.

It would have taken you five to say thank you.

Instead, you’re gone, and I wait for the other person to walk through. Maybe this time I’ll be lucky. Maybe that person will thank me or give me a grateful smile. I’ll smile back, I’ll open more doors for people like you, because it’s nice, and life will go on.

But there is such a thing called common courtesy.

And you chose to ignore it.

Yours truly,